What is Liaison?

Liaison is a web-based collaboration platform for developers. It contains a bugtracker (Bugzilla), a wiki (MoinMoin), Subversion integration and a timeline. It is open source software, makes use of other open source software and aims to be extendible.

To learn more please read our MissionStatement and ProjectState. Have a look at screenshots! And there is also LiaisonForUsers, LiaisonForAdmins and LiaisonForDevelopers.


Alpha Release for 0.6 Branch


Today we released a first alpha version of the 0.6 branch of Liaison which is intended to become the next stable branch of Liaison.

The code is not feature complete at all but it allows you to get an idea of the new core architecture of Liaison. This new architecture will be described more detailed in an upcoming article. The new architecture marks the transition between a tool for groups of developers and a more general tool that allows to integrate and mix web applications and group them around a central time line view.

See LiaisonMilestones and LiaisonInstallation for more details. As this is not a release intended for production use, we do not offer a tar package or a gem, please download via svn.

Liaison-0.6.0 is coming closer!


The first alpha release for Liaison-0.6 will be released soon. Development has been slower than I thought. Anyway: the only task remaing for this release is doing the release itself. :)

This release is not feature complete at all, but it contains the new core architecture that will be the base for the next stable release. If you want to read about the things we did for the release please have a look at the LiaisonMilestones page.

If you are interested in some statistics about the Liaison project please have a look at ohloh.

Just committed 444...


I just checked in 444. Possible interpretations:

  • Liaison is not dead (yet)
  • currently all development takes place in the 0.6 branch (which will become trunk somewhen) trunk

  • it's unlikely there will be a 0.5.6 release ;) (but there is still the 0.5.6 branch for those who need it)

Stay tuned!

Updated Packages moinmoin-extras and bugzilla3-liaison


  • The Bugzilla team released a security update for Bugzilla 3.2.6 (read the release notes). So I released an updated bugzilla3-liaison package today.

  • The updated package moinmoin-extras contains fixes for the csharp and ruby parsers (not security related) to make them work with moin-1.7.

Updating Trunk for Debian Squeeze


Work on trunk has started again. Currently I do just minor modifications to get Liaison ready for Debian Squeeze (this might become version 0.5.6). If that is done, I will start with the next revision of the core architecture (e.g. version 0.6.x). For details see the LiaisonMilestones page.

See LiaisonNews for a complete list of all news.


See LiaisonDownloads for details.


You can contact the project leader via email.

This wiki is powered by MoinMoin and Liaison.

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